Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daily and monthly top 25 download statistics

As promised there are now some download statistics on the site.
You can see the top 25 apps monthly and daily (updated once an hour).
The download numbers contain all versions of the app on all Ubuntu releases.
If you want to have more details you can click on an app and see the
downloads per version on the app's site.
If the download numbers in the statistic are higher than on the app's site
it is because the statistics may also include older versions which you
will not see any more on the app's site for the specific Ubuntu release.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Download count per version

On the site there are now download counts for each published version of an application. The download count is updated every hour so don't be confused if you install an application and the download count is not incremented immediately.
The download count in the list is for this specific version and on the application's page you can see the download for each version. The download counts include every Ubuntu version the application version is published for.

In the near future there should also be a TOP 10 of the most downloaded applications in the last month.