Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GetDeb downtime and new server coming up

Hello GetDeb users,

as you all have surely noticed, the sites GetDeb.net, PlayDeb.net as well as the repository itself cannot be reached reliably for the last few days.
This is because on our current server the bandwidth provider has problems with packet loss and does not yet know how to fix this.
Because of that there is little we can do to resolve the issue.

Fortunately, the GetDeb and PlayDeb projects are supported recurrently with an amount of 200€ per month. And this only by one incredibly amazing benefactor whom we cannot thank enough for this.

So we decided to use the donation to take the server to a new home with hopefully a more reliable bandwidth provider.

Because of this expect a few more downtime the next days while we move things to the new provider.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Have a nice week !