Saturday, October 12, 2013

GetDeb and PlayDeb subscriptions via PayPal


since now you can sponsor GetDeb and PlayDeb by subscribing to it via PayPal.
You can freely choose the amount you want to spend per month.
This will allow you to get your name, a link and a logo to be shown on the sponsors page and the front page of both and .
We are hoping that GetDeb and PlayDeb will finance themselves someday and are targeting for 200€ per month so we can pay the servers and to upgrade the amount of bandwith for the servers.
You can still make one time donations with paypal but won't get listed on the sponsors site this way.
So instead of donating 10€ once I would set up a subscription about 5€ and cancel it after two months ;)

We hope that our hope will come true and thank every sponsor in advance for supporting us.

You guys are awesome ;)


1 comment:

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