Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Web site and archive up and running

we have moved the main archive and web site to a new virtual server(thanks to clustercube.com), we are still doing some changes so you might experience random failures on the archive, in general we are up and running.
This is not the definitive solution, we hope to improve our infrastructure in the future, adding high availability will be one of the goals.

Thanks for your patience.


sebastianabate said...

Thank you so much for your hard work.
You are the most reliable source of packages/updates for our Desktops (even more than some developer's sites).

Again, muchas gracias!!!!

Kip said...

I'm getting lots of code 403 now when I try to fetch any package from getdeb.

João Pinto said...

there was a problem with fresh packages not being mirrored and the main archive is now forbidden.

It has been fixed.

Hjalle said...

I most cases "Can't find the package".


And why is't no 32 and 64 option?

(Ubuntu Studio 10.04 64 bit)

albert said...

since 4 days getdeb is down
someone know why ?