Monday, April 27, 2009

Preparing the getdeb/playdeb repository

after a lot of reading and testing I have acquired the skills required to establish the future APT repository for both getdeb and playdeb. Here is the plan:

The implementation will be done using a standard apt repository structure, using a single archive pool with two distributions(per release) and two components.

Packages automatically imported after a successful build on ABS, it will be used for testing packages before promoting them into the -getdeb repository.
It will be strongly discouraged to use this repository on production/stable systems.

Packages promoted from *-testing, ready for global distribution.

apps - application packages (to be available on
games - game packages (to be available on


BlondieGirl said...

I'm glad we're going to have an official repository!

Thank you for your time and dedication, João.


Arthur Reeder said...

This is fantastic! You guys do such a great job of getting new packages out. Thank you, Thank you!

Ge! said...

What's gonna be the procedure to get a package out of testing?

ZYV said...

Hey, there won't be any repositories for Hardy? That would be sad :( 10.04 will be out in an year...

Would you please consider supporting the latest release + the latest LTS?

Thanks for all your hard work!


João Pinto said...

for now we will keep the current procedure, an archive admin tests the package and promotes it to the stable repository.

the repository will depend on a feature that is only available since Jaunty.

n0gabor said...

This is awesome! Ubuntu really needed this.

markusf21 said...

any eta on this? Great Idea been looking forward to this. Thanks