Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting ready for Jaunty

the new Ubuntu release (9.04 Jaunty) will be available on the next days so it's time to update the support policy for the next cycle.
The current policy of supporting the current plus the LTS version had a very positive result, there are clearly two main segments of users: the "current" users which always prefer the current version and the "LTS" users which like to update their packages but keeping an LTS kernel/core tools.
We will keep the current policy, for the next 6 months we will be providing packages mainly for Jaunty and supporting Hardy in a best effort basis.

Effectively today Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid is set "Available", the archive will be kept online but no updates will be applied.
Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty was configured on the database as "Supported", applications releases will be available on the next days.


Mike said...

So does this mean we should be seeing an official APT repository soon? :D

João Pinto said...

Unfortunately we didn't had sufficient time to provide the repository yet :(

lala said...

ok, sorry, i m not sure how to send you comment. ubuntu 64, most of time, few libs are updated while installation from web.
it becomes un-solveable headache if behind proxy(windows server / domain) because all settings of proxy in ubuntu worked for apps like firefox / synaptic but nothing works from terminal.
so inshort, its becoming impossible for me to install simple apps i have downloaded from getdeb (tucan , video eidtor etc) if you mentioned solution or could provide installed with those files included, would be of great help.
btw: huge thanks for such a cool website / effort. toogood