Thursday, January 22, 2009

Playdeb status

Hi all,

You may have noticed lately that most of Playdeb's games are yet to be updated for Ubuntu 8.04 - and we're still on the temporary website. The reason for this is that we're waiting on Ubuntu to fix the dreaded 400 uri failure bug.

The bug happens only when the Playdeb website is down - and when that happens, the user cannot do any updates on his system because this error blocks them all. This is potentially dangerous, because someone can miss out on security updates because of this - so until this bug is fixed, we don't quite want to continue with this.

After the problem is fixed though, we'll update Playdeb for the tons of 8.10 and new games that we have ready. Our friends at Nexuiz Ninjas have designed a fabulous new website for Playdeb - which will go live after we get the ball rolling again too.

Additionally - we're looking for people with PHP, smarty experience to help us out. Contact us if you're interested!


hikaricore said...

Why don't you just make a repo on PPA or something?
It seems like you lot are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Granted before the PPA was so widely used other methods needed to be explored but now that it's an option you should check it out.

Kimme Utsi said...

I second this, but this would make every deb on this website dependable on a single repository, and probably some have their own repository already on Ubuntu's launchpad.

João Pinto said...

We have no need for a PPA, we have a build system (ABS) which automatically builds the packages.

PPAs would not allow some freeware (but not open source) games and very unlikely would provide us the required capacity.