Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Development Plans for 2009

There are couple of projects/features that for different reasons are not fully developed yet, here is a short list of those I would like to see ready during 2009.

PlayDeb - The gamers repository
We already got a nice design/layout that needs to be ported to Smarty templates with the getdeb CMS alike engine. Right now the project is pending on some Ubuntu (APT) bugs resolution, let's hope they get fixed for Ubuntu 9.04 .

GetDeb Quick Update Release System
Right now releasing a package is one man blocked task, we need to develop a web based system to allow participants to test, post results and ultimately release packages, this with the proper recording/auhtorization schemes required for Quality Assurance.

GetDebI - Ability to provide multi-packages install with a single click
This can be either implemented with a client application (gdebi alike) capable of handling our own file format describing which files to fetch and install, or, once the bugs affecting playdeb get resolved we could evalute moving to a repository based install solution.

GetDeb Supporter Services - This system is expected to provide higher priority services for members supporting getdeb, financially or labor. - This should be a major funding source - important to speedup all the other projects development.

I don't believe we will be able to have all them properly implemented by the end of this year, major development on all of them would be nice.

These projects cover a wide area of knowledge, from PHP/Web development to Python/GUI and application testers, let's hope we can attract more developers to our project.

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