Saturday, December 6, 2008

GetDeb Supporter Services

The GetDeb Supporter Services will be a pilot service with the goal of providing better services for all users, but providing special access conditions to active supporters.
We require funding to expand our operations, so we'd like to appreciate our active supporters.

The benefits for all users will be:
- More and better software packages
- Better experience with major improvements in our site

The special conditions will be:
- Higher access priority for new releases - new releases will be exclusively available for Supporters during 3 days after it's release
- Increased bandwidth for downloads - Supporter releases will be provided by the master server
- Higher priority on packaging support requests

Supporter status will be granted to:
- Active developers/packagers/translators (2 months after their last contribution)
- Donators, using a 5 €/month rate
The status will be retroactively granted upon request.

With this support services the expectation is to increase interest by potential supporters and raise reasonable revenue, there are several projects like getdebi, playdeb and major website improvements that need further investment.

This will be a pilot service, it's continuity will be assessed with based on users/supporters feedback.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! You're simply great, and you do an astonishing work with those packages! Why is not there anymore the repository for GetDeb?? It was super!