Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PlayDeb update problems

during the last days the PlayDeb users have experienced the error "Method gave invalid 400 URI Failure message" which was breaking the apt-get upgrade. The error started after a recent change on our archive server which made the mirror selection script unavailable.
Unfortunately this annoying error which prevents people from updating their software will happen whenever the mirror selection server becomes unavailable. Because APT does not support HTTP redirect requests (Bug #18645) the only way we had to implement a distribution over mirrors was using the APT mirror method (described here). Unfortunately this mirror method is not widely used and it has yet some problems that need to be addressed. On this error case, unlike the other APT errors which are safely ignored, the mirror method raises an internal APT error which stops the upgrade process.
The problem was already reported (Bug #278635) and we will be in contact with the Ubuntu Developers hoping to get a resolution as soon as possible.

1 comment:

LoKi said...

Good to know this is being worked on, as the paydeb concept is much-needed to raise the reputation of ubuntu among gamers.
Has there been any development yet?