Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playdeb updated

Playdeb has been updated today - we've finalized on a logo for it (thanks to meborc), and I've added the rest of the games available in the repository to the web page.

29 games were added to the web page. The list is as follows: irrlamb, ManiaDrive, Mupen64Plus, OpenArena, PainTown, PCSX2, PipeWalker, PokerTH, PyChess, "Really Rather Good Battles In Space", ri-li, ScummVM, Slime Volley, StepMania, Stormbaan Coureur, Tennix, The Bub's Brothers, "Too Hard For You", UFO Alien Invasion, Ultimate Stunts, Vertris, Warsow, Warzone2100, Widelands, Wormux, XQF, Xye, Yabause and Zevv Tetris.

That brings the total amount of games available on Playdeb to 66! You can browse though them all and install from here.


Gürkan Gür said...

sorry but translation file changed (& naturally failed) again :) here is the new turkish translation file for getdeb..

bwt i've a question;
is playdeb translatable?

Gürkan Gür said...

sorry there is a html problem for raw files i think :)
try this:

GothicX said...

More Linux games -

myranor said...

where can I inform about new games? Is there a bug-tracker?

on you mention: "Identify new applications that are not yet provided on the official Ubuntu repositories"

but give no advice on how to contribute news.