Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playdeb updated

Playdeb has been updated today - we've finalized on a logo for it (thanks to meborc), and I've added the rest of the games available in the repository to the web page.

29 games were added to the web page. The list is as follows: irrlamb, ManiaDrive, Mupen64Plus, OpenArena, PainTown, PCSX2, PipeWalker, PokerTH, PyChess, "Really Rather Good Battles In Space", ri-li, ScummVM, Slime Volley, StepMania, Stormbaan Coureur, Tennix, The Bub's Brothers, "Too Hard For You", UFO Alien Invasion, Ultimate Stunts, Vertris, Warsow, Warzone2100, Widelands, Wormux, XQF, Xye, Yabause and Zevv Tetris.

That brings the total amount of games available on Playdeb to 66! You can browse though them all and install from here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Service Outage (and back again)

Sorry for being offline for so long. It wasn't a DDoS that we experienced, but rather the vmware machine crashed (again) and nobody was around to restart it for several hours.

Everything is back to normal now though, and we're investigating the issue. If you'd like to help us out, feel free to join #getdeb on

Monday, September 1, 2008

Playdeb Beta Launches!

The Playdeb Beta launches today!

Originally known as Playbuntu (renamed for trademark reasons), Playdeb is a repository for Ubuntu (and it's derivatives) that will provide all games available on and more in a repository format - allowing you to receive updates for your favourite game via the Update Manager tool.

Head over to the Playdeb website now and give this a test! The website isn't finalized yet, as we're testing a prototype, so expect changes in it soon.


GetDeb extends the existing software options for Ubuntu (and derived Linux distributions) by providing major updates and software not yet available on the official Ubuntu repositories. For more information about, please see here.