Monday, August 18, 2008

GetDeb server upgraded to Hardy

you may have noticed that our site has experienced some issues on the last months.
GetDeb main site is running from a vmware VM, and was using Ubuntu 7.04, this was the right time to do the upgrade. We hope the VM will be stable again, otherwise we will need to do some more analysis and research on the problem.
One of the major drawbacks of using VMware is the disk I/O performance hit, we have noticed a major performance impact on the site when rsync is running. In order to improve this we have moved the archive file system to the vmware host, accessing it via NFS. So far we got good results.
The move/upgrade took about one week because I have been busy, but the change was smooth, lighttpd/mysql/rsync/vsftp services are running just fine. A minor fix was required on the site code, the SQL for the downloads count was not returning the expected result with the new mysql server.

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