Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GetDeb source code to be released under GPL

After about 2 years of web development I have decided to make the website source code available under GPL. Like I have stated on the past, is is not a general purpose engine, there will be a few people having any use for it. The major advantage should be the ability to have more people participating on the web development.
The code had no major changes on the last year, and we never had a security incident so I am pretty confident on it's reliability from a security perspective, anyway I hope to get "good guys" eyes on the source in the first place.
It will be natural to get some negative critics about the code structure (spaghetti alike), it really needs some proper reorganization.
The release day should be in a few days, I am still doing some changes to make it easier to install/configure, a subset of the current getdeb database will also be provided, so it can be used with sample data.

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