Monday, May 26, 2008

Maybe getdeb for windows...

Despite my passion for Linux my paid work requires me for the full workday working on Windows, so yes I am also a frequent open source user for Windows.
A significant part of the applications currently published on getdeb also provide a version for Windows so I got this idea that it would make some sense to provide a getdeb alike site for distributing mostly open source (with some freeware following a common policy with getdeb).
This is still a very young idea and it will require some significant effort, it's implementation will depend on the community feedback.
From a quick brainstorm the following major tasks would be required.
The getdeb php/mysql engine would be used with the following changes:
- Create a windowish theme (I hope we can find a designer)
- Hide some getdeb specific fields
- Query mirror providers to get a new mirrors list

I would appreciate comments on this idea.


Rolandixor said...

Nice idea...
To simplify downloads on getdeb tho, I was thinking, what if there was a way that a windows program could read and download the dependencies of debian packages.

Since I don't (yet) have internet access on my linux install :-(, I have to manually search for EVERY dependency!

Ashkan Shahrokhi Nejad said...

What about Getdeb in persian? I have a blog as: how can I make it under ? have a suggestion? tell me:

João Pinto said...

getdeb supports translations, both for the site template and apps descriptions.
Check .

GothicX said...

How about to only create one more field in BD and website to show if the game/app is available in Windows.

For example:

Windows: Yes/No.

Just simple like that.

AndresVia said...

Do you know, [] , @rolandixo, check apt-no-network, it may help you []

Rodrigo Schmidt said...

That would be a very good thing for everyone:

1) windows users will get some nice software;
2) linux users will get more attention;
3) your pocket could get more stuff.

Anonymous said...

"3) your pocket could get more stuff."

Sorry? :S

João Pinto said...

"3) your pocket could get more stuff."
My pocket doesn't get any "stuff" from getdeb :)
AdSense and contributions are used for the hosting payment and infrastructure investment.

Vlad said...

i think that it is very important that all software is Free Software. GNU/Linux users already know a lot about free software vs. free as in beer but windows user's don't and it is important that the site not confuse them and make them feel it is the same thing. if you want to make a "getexe" website, please make sure it is 100% free software only.