Monday, May 26, 2008

Maybe getdeb for windows...

Despite my passion for Linux my paid work requires me for the full workday working on Windows, so yes I am also a frequent open source user for Windows.
A significant part of the applications currently published on getdeb also provide a version for Windows so I got this idea that it would make some sense to provide a getdeb alike site for distributing mostly open source (with some freeware following a common policy with getdeb).
This is still a very young idea and it will require some significant effort, it's implementation will depend on the community feedback.
From a quick brainstorm the following major tasks would be required.
The getdeb php/mysql engine would be used with the following changes:
- Create a windowish theme (I hope we can find a designer)
- Hide some getdeb specific fields
- Query mirror providers to get a new mirrors list

I would appreciate comments on this idea.