Monday, April 28, 2008

Building for Ubuntu Hardy

Ubuntu Hardy was released last week as planned, following our regular support policy we are now only building packages for Ubuntu Hardy.
There are a lot of packages that were available for Gutsy and that need to be rebuilt for Hardy, however we do not have any kind of automation for this task, it will be done mostly based on visual inspection and user requests. The repackage work may not be trivial, there are debhelper changes that affects some packages which will need to have their build rules adapted.


madjunir said...

you should make hardy packages priority based on number of downloads of the gutsy packages.

Also, let me point you to this thread concerning the big amount of .debs for some programs

an alternative zip containing all the files and include a small script to install them all would be the best choice.

anyway, Keep up the great work, i love getdeb :)

João Pinto said...

For now I am assigning high priority for packages which have no version available on the repositories.

Building a .zip is not an option, it would take too much space.

The solution is the getdebi installer that should handle multiple packages, unfortunately there is no working on it's development at the moment.

madjunir said...

Ok i see João,

yea the zips would take more space.

But at least you can keep the following commands visible for multiple packages:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

if any dependency:
sudo apt-get install -f

or probably a downloadable script till "getdebi" gets developed in the meanwhile. That way getdeb can improve.

it's really annoying having to type in the user pass for each .deb

it's really a limitation of the system, but it can be worked around with those commands.

and yes you are right, priority for packages which have no version available on the repositories over number of downloads :)