Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Improvements to the website comming soon

The following improvements were developed and should be applied into production soon:
changes/improvements will be applied:
* Source/Diff are no longer specific links and will point to the base directory instead
* Comments will now be version targeted instead of release target (right now 32 bits and 64 bits comments are not merged), with this change the existing comments will be removed
* Applications can be rated by registered users
* Missing hard coded strings are now translatable

This changes will required the translations to be updated, some people should expect to read some untranslated strings until the respective translator provides an update.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Building for Ubuntu Hardy

Ubuntu Hardy was released last week as planned, following our regular support policy we are now only building packages for Ubuntu Hardy.
There are a lot of packages that were available for Gutsy and that need to be rebuilt for Hardy, however we do not have any kind of automation for this task, it will be done mostly based on visual inspection and user requests. The repackage work may not be trivial, there are debhelper changes that affects some packages which will need to have their build rules adapted.