Monday, March 10, 2008

Some statistics

We are about to get into the 4rd release cycle (so far we have packaged for Dapper, Edgy, Gutsy), it is a good time to provide some statistics on database records.

500 applications
During Hardy's release we should check the applications list for applications which had no release on the past year, there is probably some repackaging effort required for some applications which already have build rules and should be trivial to update.

10115 registered users
We have a great user base we clearly lack user oriented features, the ability to vote applications is a long requested feature, release reviews could also be an important resource. Unfortunately there is no estimated time for implementation, life is busy.

12 mirrors, providing around 9 GB/day
There is an increasing concern with the files total size which is now exceeding the 10 GB, unfortunately the current files structure is not release based which makes it hard to do a release specific clean-up, this will be improved for Hardy releases, we should expect a major clean-up for Hardy+1. Related to the disk space concern is the ability to provide some of the huge game packages, right now the recommended approach is to use a meta-package that will install the data packages from one of the game official mirrors.

1176 application description translations
Despite the lack of improvements on the site internationalization support there has been a significant use of the applications translation feature.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

OT: I'm back

Nobody really noticed but I'm back up and running again with just a few minor problems. Last week Ubuntu decided not to do what it was supposed to do. GDM gave error messages as soon as it started, no I don't know which ones as the characters were just little boxes, it complained about being unable to convert UTF-8. I installed KDM and was able to start a Gnome session but then programs complained about the locales. Installing KDE didn't help and upgrading to Hardy didn't do much either, I got myself in quiet a mess :)
Eventually I decided it was time to wipe out the drive and reinstall Ubuntu from scratch. I was able to backup my work and settings on to another box I have at home. Going over what to backup took some time and in the end I did forget something and made one mistake. The mistake isn's a biggie, I thought I archived my Tomboy notes but the archive only had the Tomboy log so I lost all my notes (grr) the thing I forgot has more impact, I forgot to archive my Getdeb building directory, I don't have my work of programs I build for Getdeb or myself for that matter. I always kept the latest build I did, the archive file and the diff.gz file that way it could quickly rebuild a a new version when it came out. It's not a big deal, I can download them from the Getdeb website for the programs I build but I do miss the stuff I build for myself. Oh well, just have to start over again.