Friday, February 15, 2008

Updates for LTS releases

A few persons have asked about our plans to keep updates for LTS releases during the LTS support time, this is probably a good subject to write about.
A few months ago we have decided to limit updates for the "current" released version, starting the move as soon a release reaches the Release Candidate stage.
This decision was taken based on the visitors statistical analysis, the majority of users upgrade as soon as possible, this together with the fact that we have resources shortage, providing packages for several releases multiplies the package building a testing effort.
This is the current status, however there are some team members interested in keeping LTS packages, in case we can improve our reviewing/publishing process to a fully automated system we are probably going to change our policy dependent on the team members willingness to support the older releases.


Anonymous said...

You have my full support :D , I will try to help in any way I can.

GothicX said...

I think we should only support the current release and the last one. In this case we will remove Feisty and support Gutsy and Hardy.

Gergő said...

"I think we should only support the current release and the last one. "

Please consider supporting the current+the active LTS version instead. Eg: Intrepid and Hardy; Intrepid+1 and Hardy, etc....

It is really important to have fresh versions of some applications on an otherwise stable and old system.

Niyes said...


Please, support the last LTS version (hardy at the moment) until the release of the next LTS version.