Monday, February 25, 2008

GetDebi development started

One of the common complains the annoying and non-intuitive support for multiple-packages software. This is unfortunately the best we can do with the gdebi application, Ubuntu's default graphical installer for .deb files.
There are some APT based options to overcome this, however there are some limitations on APT to be used with our particular case, unlike regular APT repositories we have very frequent updates, this would most likely drive us into synchronization and availability problems.
A short term solution was to implement a custom installer capable of downloading the required .deb files from a specification file that will be published on the site.
The installer name is GetDebi, a project was setup for it at launchpad and some initial code was already committed.
We should implement it as simpler as possible, using standard formats and tools. The publishing specification is the only custom format that we will need to develop.
The development language is Python with GTK for the GUI, let's hope to get skilled people interested to get all the required features to be ready for Hardy+1 .

Friday, February 15, 2008

Updates for LTS releases

A few persons have asked about our plans to keep updates for LTS releases during the LTS support time, this is probably a good subject to write about.
A few months ago we have decided to limit updates for the "current" released version, starting the move as soon a release reaches the Release Candidate stage.
This decision was taken based on the visitors statistical analysis, the majority of users upgrade as soon as possible, this together with the fact that we have resources shortage, providing packages for several releases multiplies the package building a testing effort.
This is the current status, however there are some team members interested in keeping LTS packages, in case we can improve our reviewing/publishing process to a fully automated system we are probably going to change our policy dependent on the team members willingness to support the older releases.