Saturday, January 12, 2008

Site user's registration status

The user's registration option was implemented on April 2007, the purpose was:
  • usage measurement
  • global communications (using the registration email)
  • restrict release comments (to avoid spammers)
The only restriction for anonymous users is the inability to post comments, still we got 8580 user registrations (only accounting authenticated emails), from which 2568 have logged in on the last 3 months.
There are 795 release comments and we sent a few (maybe 3) global communication emails.
The user registration function is extremely poor, there is no profile page, neither a password reset/change option, this is something that definitively needs a big improvement.


Vadim Peretokin said...

I don't think getdeb needs that.

I like it for doing what it does - providing .debs that aren't available in repositories. I don't comment often, no real need to, so I definitely don't care about someone else's profile.

It's fine as it is :)

Peter van der Does said...

I'm not sure about a profile either, I hardly ever fill out a profile on other sites.
The password reseting, changing is something we should need.
We could implement a Anonymous comment posting by means of Catcha (the little graphic with letters you need to type to submit) if that's what we want.

João Pinto said...

The idea was minimal profile, mostly for users to set how they would like to be shown on the comments, and with default settings for comments.
This would also help to integrate with more advanced type of comments like posting application reviews, etc.

Peter van der Does said...

A minimal profile like Joao describes sounds good to me.

Vadim Peretokin said...

Anonymous posting with a captcha sound good too, as long as users are clear that if they register they won't have to fill one in.

And a captcha like googles are the best ones.

LKRaider said...

If captchas are implemented, I suggest using the reCaptcha system, since it uses real words and is actually useful:

GothicX said...

I'm ready for coding :P

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