Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Package requests: Launchpad and Suggestion

I have been quiet for a while due to some other projects I am involved in. Today I started creating packages again and I checked the bugs list to see what I wanted to pick up.

Looking at the enormous list of requests I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least and here is it that I found Launchpad to be missing certain options.
In the overview I missed dates, when was the request placed, when was the last update, why can't I sort or filter by status. I know, launchpad isn't maintained by us, but still.

Another thing is that of all the requests I believe I know of only 2% what they are. And not so much precisely but what category it would be at the website, like Games, Audio etc. See the thing is I tend to build packages that I think are useful and packages I would use myself. I won't create packages for games for example, I don't play games on my Linux box, I rather play them on the wii or on my Windows box. So it would be helpful if I could see in a glance what the request is for. I think this could be something we could implement, we could use tags to link the request to a certain category on our website.


João Pinto said...

The launchpad bug filtering options are rather limited, even if we set tags for the package types there would be no way to use them as a filters.

GothicX said...

You can't filter by tags ? It should work fine.. I think it's a good idea to tag them as games, audio, gnome, kde, terminal, web, and so on..